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4 Reasons Why You Should Not Feel Guilty About Using Fake Doctor’s Notes  

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It goes without saying that people have various reasons why they would use fake doctor’s notes.  Still, there isn’t one person in this world who hasn’t at one point in their lives either used, or contemplated to using, fake doctor’s notes. 


Nonetheless, when this happens, people often feel bad.  But why is it so that people feel bad about using fake doctor’s notes? Sometimes people tend to think based on their conscience. We all have different voices coming from within. Some had felt like a cheater when they use a physician’s excuse while for some, this is ordinary.  

In order to make you feel better, and to show you that these things are normal, here are four reasons why you should not feel guilty about using fake doctor’s notes. Just take note that a doctor note template should be used only if necessary, though can avoid feeling guilty about it. Using this tool should take place when there is no other way that you can cover up for your absence. Employers might not be considerate, but they are still subjected for respect because they are paying you with the own money.

1.Everyone Uses Them!

the physician's note saved me

Saved by the doctors template

While it might sound like an over-generalization, or a poor excuse, this one is really true.  The majority of people uses fake doctor’s notes, or has used them, at least at one point in their lives.  Even though you might say that what other people do is none of your business, and doesn’t influence your life, it can be pretty difficult to detach yourself from the majority of people.  What does that mean for you?  Will you be the busy bee, while all the others get fake excuses and enjoy their lives?

2.You Know That You Have A Valid Reason!

doc-note-templatesOkay, so you might not be actually sick, but you probably have a valid reason why you would like to stay at home, or go any other place for that matter. You might think of using a doctor’s excuse to help you avoid troubles of getting back to work. What makes it okay to use a fake doctor’s note is the fact but you will probably do something you wanted, or just to get some much needed rest. Perhaps, you just need a few days rest and you will be able to function at an even better performance level at work. Why would anyone have to know that you are not actually sick? Perhaps you are sick of working while all your colleagues use fake doctor’s notes and leave you swamped with work.

3.Bending Rules Is Not A Big Deal!

feat_flex_710x300_0Some people might stress themselves out using fake doctor’s notes because it goes against the rules.  On the other hand, there are people who find bending rules the most normal thing on Earth.  Remember, if you don’t bend the rules a bit, you will never be able to enjoy life.  Life is a complete and utter mess.  People who are accustomed to order and structure, might find bending the rules intimidating, however, it’s a part of life.

4.There’s More To Life Than Work!

The important life lesson which you should learn now and once and for all is to enjoy life. Life is short. Life is complicated as it is. Life can be difficult, demanding and very stressful. However, there is definitely more to life than work. There is more to life then stress, schedules and bosses. Once your entire life passes, no one will congratulate you on staying at work the long hours, or coming to work sick, no one will even remember. Just like no one will care if you fake a doctor’s note and take some much needed time off.

If you want to learn more, read this article on obtaining a doctor’s note. Having said all these, you should be able to print out a fake doctors note if you want to make sure that your excuse is fool proof.

Here’s more reason why using a doctor’s note should lessen your guilt.

You might be deciding that using a phony or faux excuse for your absence at work isn’t bad after all. The reasons in this article have given you good arguments on why you should use one for yourself. However, you must not rush to a grab doctor’s note from just anywhere you like because it can also get you into trouble. Fake notes can be mistaken by inexperienced persons for a true note, only to realize that it was your great mistake in losing your job.

Therefore, if you want to have a 100% chance of success, you must use a fake doctors note that looks super-real when planning to excuse yourself from your work at the office. Submitting a suspicious document can lead to your boss doing a deep investigation that might lead to discovering your false alibi. The result could be very serious that it could also mean losing your job.

You must learn to weigh down the consequences before you decide on using a Doctor’s note. Please check the article in this web page for a clearer understanding covering this matter. The more information you know the more chances that you can come up with a great excuse that has excellent details. This will result to you having a paid leave while you enjoy a relaxing vacation.

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